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About Us

Bball 4 Life AZ is a Basketball Training Program geared to help kids and teens take their game to new heights. Founder Tony Rosier taps into his lifelong passion and love for the game of basketball and aims to help young players understand that the same effort they put in basketball is the same effort they put in to school and into life.

The Bball 4 Life program has been proven to help players get to the college level with scholarships and division one commitments. Check out our available sessions or contact us for more information.



Coach Tony Rosier, MBA

Tony uses his 36 years of experience and his adaptive coaching style to maximize each player’s strengths while maintaining focus on improving on all fundamentals aspects of their game.  Tony was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 5 Years ago and on day while he was in the hospital his son asked him “does this mean we won’t be able to play basketball anymore”? Tony took this as a sign and decided that he defeat the odds and defeat the disease. His no quit attitude is infectious and he believes that hard work beats talent when talent fails to hard work.

Deron Hudson

Deron Hudson is our strength and conditioning coach for B-ball4LifeAZ. He has a BA in Information Technology and currently working on a Master’s degree in Sports and Health Sciences with American Military University.

Deron has an extensive range of experience in both basketball and strength training. A USAF veteran with over 20 years of service, Deron has played basketball on several levels to include high school, collegiate, military varsity levels as well as semi-pro basketball while stationed overseas in Italy. He was the founder and head coach of the Excel American Basketball Club in Naples Italy, where he provided students instruction on basketball fundamentals coupled with strength and conditioning. While serving on active duty, Deron severed as unit fitness program manager and physical training leader. He also has trained as a bodybuilder placing 1st in several European competitions for his weight class.

Deron carries a passion for the young people of tomorrow to succeed and to the next level. He carries drive, commitment and an enthusiasm to push those who want to achieve.